3 Things about Ticks that Tick-Me-Off

Finding a tick on you or your pet will sometimes drive you crazy! If you find one, you often think that there is another crawling on you. It would be fine if ticks were just like flies, they are annoying but they don’t spread diseases by sucking your blood. Unfortunately, ticks are dangerous! 

Diseases spread by ticks include Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF).  Other tickborne diseases such as anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and ehrlichiosis are also on the rise.  

After doing some research I’ve found 3 important things about ticks that you need to know: 

1. If a Tick Bites You, It’ll Be On You for a While

Ticks don’t stay on you for a few seconds, they search around you (or your pet) and find the best spot to set up shop (aka feed on you). They can take up to 2 hours for this process! Since ticks can be really small, they could be hard to notice. You will be saying, “that birthmark or freckle wasn’t there yesterday!” 

The CDC has stated that ticks tend to choose “hard-to-see-areas”. Check everywhere! Ask a close friend or family member to check in places that you can’t see. 

2. One Tick Can Spread Multiple Diseases

Remember: Ticks don’t just like to feed on people, they also like other animals (dogs, rats, deer etc.) and can climb from host to host picking up bacteria along the way. Ticks that have had previous hosts before you become the host can spread multiple diseases at once! 

3. You're Most at Risk for a Tick Bite Above 45*F

Ticks are active as long as the temperatures are above 45 degrees Fahrenheit (most of the year for the majority of us). They seem to be seen more in the summer because there is a lot more activity in the summer. We get out more when it's nice out! Be vigilant in protecting yourself and your pets from ticks. 

When hiking: 

1. Be sure to wear tick spray

2. Cover up- wear long socks, long sleeves, and long pants

3. Wear bright colors 

When spending time in your yard/garden: 

1. Use Benesafe Backyard Bug Barrier: ticks and cedarwood oil do not get along! Treat your yard to protect your family & pets.

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