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Corrine G. -Allentown, PA: "My husband and I love spending time in our yard gardening, relaxing on the deck and in the hammock. This DIY natural pest control spray not only keeps mosquitos away but gives me the confidence to let our cat Andy walk in the yard and eat the grass. The only thing I would be cautious about is spraying directly on plants in hot weather/ direct sun, it could cause leaf damage."

"Andy loves to be in the yard and eat grass. We use Benesafe as our pet-friendly choice for a yard and garden spray" 

Emilie C.- Catasauqua, PA: "In every aspect of our lives, sustainable living has made a marked impression, so why should our lawns be left behind? BENESAFE is an earth-friendly and pet friendly product that not only beautifies your lawn, but also caters to the environment. Your pets and kids! will be safe around your lawns because their are NO harmful chemicals in the product at all. I was so impressed with this ALL-NATURAL spray. It kills, repels & prevents fleas, ticks, and mosquitos and helps me to enjoy my yard and garden while keeping all my family -including the four legged members BENESAFE :) I will definitely continue to be a customer!"

Pictured above are Emilie's Alaskan Malamutes Loki and Leia
Joan D. -Leland, NC:  "I have four dogs and we rescue so it is very important that our flea tick and mosquito control methods are natural and safe for puppies and dogs. We used Benesafe and we are very pleased to report our dogs and our backyard are free of mosquitos, ticks and fleas!"
Pictured above are Joan's rescue dogs Ruby, Julie, and Lucy. All are from the same organization that saved our Benny. These three helped foster Benny and his siblings as puppies. 
Victoria M. - Lehigh Valley, PA: "Great product, customer service and shipping! We bought 2 bottles to use at home and sent 2 bottles to my father-in-law as a gift, since he wanted a safe product to use around his many pets. Product is easy to use and we love that it is made with natural ingredients. The order also arrived in 2 days with free shipping. Thank you Benesafe!"
Andras P. - Cleveland, OH: "Purchased natural, pet friendly insect repellant for in the yard and it works amazingly."