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Benesafe is proudly:

Benesafe is a Minority Woman-Owned small business.
Benesafe offered plant-based insect control that's natural and safe for the environment, pets, and people.
Benesafe does not test on animals. We love animals. Our product is made with ingredients that are non toxic.
Benesafe is proudly made in the USA. We are a local small business based in Columbus, OH.

For pet owners, families, and outdoor lovers.

A safe solution to keep your loved ones protected.

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Our Story

Benny is the face of our company.

It all started with Benny...

Esther was inspired to create this company after spending a lot of time outdoors and experiencing the ineffectiveness of harsh chemical repellents while fearing the toxicity of these products on her family dog, Benny. BenesafeĀ® was born to deliver natural solutions to customers who are concerned about lawn treatments and the wellbeing of their environment, families, and pets.


Dual Action Power

Our hero ingredients, Cedarwood Oil and Citronella Oil, work together to eliminate and prevent pests so you can get back to enjoying the outdoors. These natural essential oils create a powerful solution to keep your families and pets protected, without harming the environment.

With a foundation in Environmental Science and Chemistry, we understand the negative effects that toxic and unregulated chemicals have on wildlife, the Earth, and its people. At BenesafeĀ® Solutions, we offer powerful protection safe for all, including the Earth itself.

Benesafe makes use of natural and organic cedarwood to produce its plant-based DIY bug repellent yard and garden spray.


ā€¢ non-toxic insecticide

ā€¢ repels and kills scent-driven insectsĀ 

Benesafe makes use of natural and organic citronella to produce its plant-based DIY bug repellent yard and garden spray.


ā€¢ natural repellent

ā€¢ masks scents that attract insects