4 Ways to Prevent Pests around Your Home

Esther here with some tips for keeping bugs away this season! 

The transition from spring into summer is my favorite time of the year. The warmer weather means more play time outside with Benny. I love evenings, swinging in my hammock in the backyard, listening to the birds sing, chatting with neighbors who stop by to say hi to Benny, and taking in these simple moments. I especially enjoy the beautiful pink skies before the sun sets.


Although this is my favorite time of the day to sit out, it is not always the most comfortable time to be outside. We're often visited by persistent gnats that swarm around your face and mosquitoes that seem to always buzz in your ear before biting you! I’m so happy to have Benesafe™ this year; we have a worry-free way to treat our yard for fleas, ticks, gnats, ants, and my archenemies, mosquitoes!

Besides treating your yard and garden for pests, it’s important to control the areas where these insects might be living and reproducing. Being proactive is key: keep the bugs from coming back and eliminate possible areas that encourage these pests to thrive. 

It’s important to monitor: 

  1. Anything in your yard that holds standing water (bird baths, old tires, pots, decorations, dog bowls). Standing water is a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes. They lay eggs in the water, the eggs hatch into larvae, and over time the larvae becomes a pupae and then an adult.
  2. Any grass clippings or yard debris - these create an ideal place for biting bugs to call home. 
  3. Excessively long grass. Keep your grass short as bugs, like ticks, love hanging out in tall grass. Make sure to keep your yard in check.
  4. Natural protection after a rain event. Keep treating your yard with Benesafe Yard and Garden Spray to ensure continued coverage.


What are some steps you take to mitigate pests in your yard? Let us know in the comments!

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