5 Bug-Repellent Plants for Your Home & Yard

Did you know plants can help with your bug problems around your house? Keep reading to learn 5 plants that can help keep bugs away from you, your family, and pets at home and in your yard. 

Benesafe Solutions Blog Post 5 Plants to help keep bugs away

Lavender does not only help with stress relief it also keeps moths, fleas, flies, and mosquitoes away. Plant lavender next to your front and back doors or in your garden to repel insects. If you have trouble with bugs indoors, try placing lavender bouquets around your home. 

Mint is famous for repelling mosquitoes and other troublesome pests like ants, both indoors and outdoors. Mint is a weed and grows quickly, so it’s best to plant it in pots to avoid it spreading throughout your garden. For indoor use, use dried mint in open containers wherever you experience the most bug traffic.

Lemongrass smells like lemons and once leaves are crushed it can help repel unwanted bugs. 

Citronella emits a similarly clean, lemon-like scent and is internationally used to control mosquitoes, flies, ants, and other biting pests. We use it in our product because of its repellent powers!

Basil is another great herb that’s used both in the kitchen and to repel bugs like flies and mosquitoes. Bonus: as you grow basil, you can also throw some in your favorite recipes to add flavor.

Check out your local nurseries to get some of these plants for your yard & garden. While you’re there, make sure you tell them about Benesafe Solutions ;)

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