5 Easy DIY Pet Costumes To Try This Halloween

Most of these DIY costumes can be made with supplies already found in your home or at the dollar store. 

  1. Turn your dog into a sweet spider.  All you need is 8 giant pipe cleaners. Bend them each into a spider leg and wrap around your dog's collar or harness. 
  2. Ghost costumes are easy, inexpensive, and can be thrown together last minute. Just cut a few holes in a white sheet for your pup's eyes and snout. 
  3. Turn your pet into an adorable Beanie Baby by attaching an oversized TY tag onto their collar. 
  4. No time to craft? If your dog is large enough, wrap them in a button-down shirt from your closet. This can be a formal shirt or a Hawaiian shirt. Your dog can go as you for Halloween! Take the costume further by sunglasses or accessories. 
  5. Scarf Lover? Make your dog look fancy with a scarf and some accessories. Extra points if you have a scarf that resembles the ones they wore in Harry Potter! 

Happy Halloween, 

Esther & Benny

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