6 Best Stocking Stuffers For Your Pet

Our pets are our family! Just like our families, they also deserve gifts for the holidays. I’ve put together a list of locally sourced pet-friendly gifts. You can feel good about your purchase because you are supporting a local business and keeping your pet happy. That’s all we want right? To see our pets happy and healthy.

1. Pet-Friendly Insect Spray |  Benesafe Yard & Garden Spray: https://benesafesolutions.com/collections/all

Of course, I had to put our product first! Our plant-based protection will keep your pets and family safe from biting insects this spring and summer. Never too early to stock up!

2. Homemade Dog Treats |  4 Dog Loves: http://4dogloves.com/

Your pet deserves the best during the holidays and year-round, so stuff their stocking with natural, homemade treats. Choose from dozens of delicious flavors that your furry friend will love without causing a bellyache. Low-cost shipping is available as well as local delivery around Columbus, OH.

3. Custom Pet Portraits  |  Joleanna Designs: https://www.joleanna.com/ 

Joleanna is a freelance artist and illustrator based in Columbus, OH. who creates beautiful personalized portraits of your pets. 

4. Personalized Dog Ornaments  |  Letterings from Freedom: https://www.letteringforfreedom.com/

Hand-painted ornaments come in various shapes and sizes.  All handmade by talented artist Shellie Santiago.

5. Stuffed Holiday Stocking  |  Pet wants Columbus, West: https://www.petwants.com/ColumbusWest/

Get all of your pup's holiday shopping done with a Stuffed Holiday Stocking filled with a variety of our best-selling treats and chews! Crafted with your dog in mind. Local delivery is available! 

6. Wood Chew: https://woodchew.com/

Heather Root Wood Chew Toys for Dogs are extremely durable and an excellent alternative to  bones, horns, or rawhide.  

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  • Thanks so much for the recommendation! I’ve been telling all my dog friends about Benesafe Solutions awesomeness


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