Benesafe™ and the Birds

We frequently get asked if our Natural Yard and Garden Spray is safe for birds.

Good News Folks,

It is! Our DIY Spray is safe for birds since the residue left behind is made up of plant-based ingredients. 

  • If you have outdoor birds like chickens and ducks:  Spray the coops using the directions on the bottle for added protection, then reintroduce them later. 
  • Always remember: do not spray your birds and/or chickens directly.
  • Birds in your yard may come into contact with insects who have been treated with Benesafe’s Yard and Garden Spray™ . This is O.K.  Even though it affects those insects, the birds will still be safe to consume them. 


Because our main ingredient, cedarwood oil, is safe for non-point-of-contact animals (like birds, fish, deer, and many more animals that surround of visit your property).

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