Does a Mild Winter Mean More Bugs?

The answer is YES! Mild winters do mean more pest activity. Unfortunately, it can also mean more dangerous and disease-carrying pest activity close to home. Pests tend to stay dormant all winter long and are ready to get active when it gets above 50*F outside. However with warm winters and early springs, pests don’t die off when it does not stay below freezing for a extended period of time. 

This Means... 

Mosquito eggs hatch earlier with more access to moisture (all this rain), meaning mosquitoes can cycle through more generations. They thrive and breed in moist environments.

Fleas and ticks do not die off from hard freezes. These pests might continue to be active and breed throughout a mild winter. Usually, we do not normally worry about ticks until late spring, unfortunately, with the warmer weather, they become a problem earlier! 

How to Keep Pests Away?

The recommendation to tackle these dangerous pests is to use Benesafe’s Backyard Bug Barrier from the perimeter of your house to your property line. Spray twice within the first 10 days to end the life cycle of the pest and continue applying every 4-6 weeks to keep the bugs at bay. 

To stay pest-free while on the go, try our new product TickWise! Better yet, bundle both Benesafe and Tickwise for at-home and on-the-go pest protection

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