How to Prepare Your Dog for the 4th of July!

We love the 4th celebrations, but our dogs sometimes don’t. The loud booms of the fireworks can send some dogs running for the hills. It's really important to get your pets prepared to be both safe and comfortable during the holiday.

ID TAGS: First, make sure your dog is wearing their collar and tags (with all current information) at all times on the 4th of July! It's one of those holidays during which pets get loose, and if yours gets lost, you'll want them to be returned as easily as possible. 

Leave your pet at home: Going someplace loud and crowded to watch the fireworks show? While we're all for bringing our dogs along for any fun adventure, think about whether your activities will truly be fun for them. Most dogs really don't like fireworks at all, so neither of you will have a good time if you have to comfort a scared dog during the whole show. It's better to leave your dog in the comfort of their home. In your home, you can turn on the TV or music to drown out the sound of any neighborhood fireworks.

Dog Companions: If you've got a dog with anxiety and your friend has a happy-go-lucky dog (like Benny), your dog may benefit from spending time with him indoors. Sometimes all it takes is one confident dog to change the pack's mood. If you'll be hanging out with friends, think about whether any of your dog's friends will be around to brighten their mood. 

Other Options: Some dogs are more seriously scared of fireworks than others. If yours has thunderstorm anxiety or has been known to get scared at the sound of fireworks, further precautions may be necessary. Some people find success with tools like Thunder Shirts while others consult their veterinarians for advice on how to help more effectively.

Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July! 

Do you have something exciting planned for Independence Day? Let us know in the comments.

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