Meet our Founder: Esther Salata

Hello All! 

My name is Esther and I started BenesafeTM after wanting to find a solution to a mosquito problem in my backyard.  I consider myself a “conscious consumer”. I like to read labels and find out what ingredients go into products I buy. When it came to treating my yard, I wanted to find a product that was safe for myself, my dog and had no harmful effects on the land and water. 

My background is in Environmental Science and Conservation. I’ve always been passionate about parks, recycling, and wildlife. Growing up, I enjoyed camping with the Girl Scouts and my family. Do you know what I never enjoyed? Getting bit by mosquitoes by the fire or while hiking! Over the years I’ve grown accustomed to wearing long sleeves during the summer to avoid getting bit up by mosquitoes.

BenesafeTM Solutions was created after having difficulty finding a safe alternative to treating our yard for pests. There are so many products on the market that have ingredients that you can’t pronounce. Unfortunately, these harmful products are used every year to blanket our yards. The chemicals from these products seep into the ground and into our waterways, in turn negatively affecting fish, wildlife, and our water quality. Instead of synthetic chemical insecticides, BenesafeTM uses essential oils from natural plant extracts to keep pesky bugs from ruining your day (or night). Through research and compliance with EPA regulations we have created a product that is an alternative to harmful chemicals. 

We hope you join in our commitment to using eco-friendly products around your home! 

6 things about me: 

  1. I love being a dog mom! 
  2. I’ve worked at 3 different parks (on the national, state, and city levels)
  3. Summer is my favorite season (sunshine and long days)
  4. Gardening is my therapy (summer tomatoes are the best, I like eating them like apples)
  5. I love to travel (the more I travel the more I learn and grow as a human)
  6. Cooking is my stress-relief (always looking to try new recipes)

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