Spring Cleaning Tips for Less Pests

With warm weather on the horizon, you only have a few weeks left to get the jump on spring pests. The steps you take in the following weeks will determine whether you’re drowning in mosquito bites by the summer or breathing a sigh of relief. 

Below I’ll explain how to keep bugs out of your yard and garden, and away from your family and pets. With the following tips, you’ll be able to avoid the expense, time, and effort of getting rid of spring bugs by preventing them before they become a problem. No pest control services or poisonous pesticides are required.

Keeping your lawn free from bugs in the months leading up to summer means fewer bugs in your lawn and garden and fewer bugs to bother you, your family, and pets once summer rolls around.

The first step to protecting your lawn from bugs is to prep, organize, declutter, and trim it. Cluttered overgrown lawns provide plenty of spots for pests to hide, breed, and collect moisture.

Any source of clutter or moisture in your lawn needs to go, whether that’s unused equipment, pet toys, dog poop, standing water, planters, tools, tires, furniture, leaky hoses or pipes, piles of mulch, wood, or leaves. 

Once your lawn is cleaned up, it’s time to trim. Begin by trimming overgrown trees, and bushes. If your lawn has started to grow already, simply mow, and pick up debris left from mowing the grass. These clumps of grass are a great place for pests to hide out over the summer. 

Now that your lawn is ready to go, it’s time to treat it for fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Once bugs begin to enter your lawn and take hold, they become much harder to remove. The goal is to make sure they never arrive in the first place. 

Thoroughly spray your entire lawn, front and back, with family and pet-safe* Benesafe® Backyard Bug Barrier. Don’t forget to spray shrubbery, mulch beds, landscaping, under decks, and the bases of trees, too. If the weather is starting to warm up in your area, apply again in 10 days and then move on to monthly treatments moving forward. 

Benesafe® is made from plant-based, non-toxic ingredients, so your family and pets can enjoy your lawn safely! 

*When used as directed

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