What makes a pesticide safe to use around pets, people, and the environment?

A pesticide is less harmful if it controls what we want to control and does not harm other organisms in the surrounding environment. For example, Benesafe® Solutions controls the "bad" bugs (mosquitoes, fleas, ticks) and leave the good bugs (bees, ladybugs, butterflies) alive. Pesticides that don't stay in the environment long are usually less harmful than those that stay in the soil, water, or air for a long time. That is why we recommend that Benesafe® Solutions needs to be applied every 4-6 weeks. You have to keep treating to control the problem. 

Why should you think about using alternatives to synthetic pesticides?

Because pesticides that kill insects might also hurt humans, birds, fish, dogs, cats, etc. If you are spraying an insecticide in the house you should think about your children and your pets. If you're using a pesticide outside, be mindful of birds, fish, and other animals that might contact the pesticide. So many pesticide labels say “Do not apply near bodies of water because it will kill fish and other aquatic organisms”. 

Read labels and research the ingredients before buying a pesticide product! 

Benesafe® offers a peace of mind with treating the mosquitoes in your yard without harmful chemicals that have negative effects on the surrounding environment. 

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