Where Do Mosquitoes go in Winter?

Ever wonder where the mosquitoes go in the winter? Why do they always seem to be around right when it starts getting nice outside? Find out more by reading this blog! 

Mosquitoes function best in the summer months at temperatures around 80F*, they are less active at 60F* and are unable to function below 50F*.

Adult mosquitoes become inactive when it’s cold and enter hibernation to survive through the winter.

In the winter, some mosquitoes hibernate as embryos in eggs laid by the last generation of females in late summer or fall. The eggs are usually submerged under ice in wetlands or muddy areas and hatch in spring when water temperatures rise.

By spring, the mosquitoes emerge and are ready to feed (on blood).

Early spring is the best time to start treating for mosquitoes. We recommend applying once the temperature reaches over 50*F.

Hope you are having a wonderful winter! 

Esther & Benny 

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