Where do Ticks go in Winter?

Ever wonder what happens to ticks during the winter time? Do they all die? How do they come back each year? Maybe they migrate just like the birds? All kidding aside, I’ll give you a brief summary of what these pesky little buggers do during the winter. 

Ticks actually survive winter by going dormant or latching onto a host. Ticks hide in the leaf litter in the wooded areas. It’s much warmer under leaf litter, a lot of little critters hang out there in the winter. A layer of snow can insulate dormant ticks, which are protected by the layer of soil or debris.

Female ticks will latch on and remain on a host until the end of winter or start of spring. Then they drop into the leaf litter, where they will lay up to 3,000 eggs before dying. Hence how we see a large resurgance of ticks in the spring or when the temperatures get above 50*F. Do you know what we midwesterners refer to as “Fools Spring”? It is when in the dead of winter we have about a week of warm weather. Everyone gets outsides, some people even wear shorts. It is short lived but it gives us a little break from the cold. During this time where everyone is out and about is also a great time for ticks to come out of their hiding spots and try to find a host. Beware- ticks are sneaky and they will take any opportunity they get to get free ride on your dogs on yourself. Always check yourself for ticks when you walk in wooded or high traffic areas. 

Most ticks are not a threat in the winter, but some can be. When tick season begins, don’t get ticked off – keep calm and apply Benesafe as soon as the temperatures are above 50*F. Spray every 4-6 weeks to keep they at bay. 

Enjoy your winter, 

Esther and Benny

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