Why adding moisture to your pets' food is necessary.

This is a review of a recent podcast about pet food that really blew my mind. Thank you to Anthony Santilli from Fangs & Fur for having such an informative podcast on holistic pet health. 


How do you feel when you eat a handful of plain crackers? Pretty thirsty right? What if you ate a bunch of those for every meal for the rest of your life? I personally would go crazy. Think about this in terms of feeding your pets dry kibble. They need more water in their diet to digest and absorb the nutrients from their food. Unfortunately, without this moisture in your pet’s diet, your pet is always dehydrated. Yes, they might gulp down water after a meal but it takes a lot more than a bowl of water to fully hydrate themselves after eating the dry food you are feeding them. 

Wild animals diet gets moisture from their prey. Carnivores are meant to eat food that contains 60-80% moisture which is extremely important for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients. Without this our pets are in a constant state of dehydration which can lead to a lot of health issues. 

 What can you do? 

  • Listen to this podcast Fangs & Fur 
  • Feed a combination of wet and dry food, rather than just dry, is a great way to help your pet get more water.
  • Add water to dry food (float the food).
  • Add broth to dry food. 

    Interviewee: Flo Glodde: After completing her Master’s degree in Animal Nutrition and working as a pet nutritionist at a local natural pet supply store, “Crude Carnivore” was born. With an avid interest in nutrition, she has fed her pets Hurley, Marvin, Ovie & Clem the way nature intended for years and now spends every day spreading food awareness to as many pet owners as possible.


    Happy Learning, 

    Esther and Benny

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